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We believe that tours should represent the area in an authentic way.  If you are a type of person that seeks out adventures, people and places which vast majority of travallers will never see, then BALTIC NATURE TRAVEL is for you!  We will bring you in nature and invite to explore the local culture and traditions on our Guaranteed Group Departure Tours. If you want a more personalized trip, contact us and we will tailor it in dialogue with you. 

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Let us help you to plan your trip! Rather than reading all the guide books. And getting lost in vast quantities of information on the internet. We will provide you with the essentials for your travel. We will share insights on the Baltic countries.

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Our tours bring you to the unique capitals – Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius. And as well to the countryside. You can part take in various activates. Visiting cultural sights, museums, and seaside. Guaranteed departure group tours or tailored private tours. Choose the one that suites you the best.

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We can plan an active adventure. A visit to an ancient castle or artisan workshop.

Or you can choose a guaranteed departure tour.  And choose from our list of activities.

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