Corporate events


Corporate events

BALTIC NATURE TRAVEL events are inspiring people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. We create experiences that bring people closer to nature. Events that give you inspiration, motivation, and balance your mind, body and soul. We believe that cultural and outdoor activities are the key elements of a successful event. White water rafting in spring, wild swimming and cycling in summer, foraging in autumn or cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter – you can have it all in the Baltics. Whatever your choice of activity, Baltic Nature Travel can put together an itinerary to include a mix of outdoor and indoor time with a natural or historical angle depending on your preferences.


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Outdoor activities

We offer an unforgettable outdoor experience in the Baltic’s endless bogs, deep forests, beautiful rivers, tranquil seaside, and small towns. As the Baltics are mostly covered by woods, it is a perfect place for forest bathing. National parks in the Baltics are the key areas for the preservation of nature, but they also encompass historical towns and villages, sites and attractions. Hiking trails, cycling routes and waterways snake through the parks.

Workshops and tours

Old traditions are still alive in the Baltics, so how about joining a hands-on masterclass together with a real craftsman and experiencing our traditions by yourself? If you are interested in cooking, you might choose shaping a loaf of a hearty rye bread, sliding it into a wood-fired oven and later enjoying a thick slice with hemp spread or honey. Or  you might prefer a guided walk through the fields and forests with a herbalist who explains the properties of local flora that are used in herbal tea blends and traditional medicine. Or perhaps you would rather get your hands dirty in a pottery studio?

Private toursPrivate tours


What is waiting for you on our adventures? Hiking up and down the hills along river banks and bushwhacking through the Baltic jungle. Falling asleep to a lulling sound of the Baltic Sea and waking up from a distant call of a heron eating breakfast in a nearby swamp. You will replace your morning coffee with a mug of herbal tea with a touch of energising peppermint.

Digital Detox

If you and your team are tired of being online and using digital devices all the time, it is a perfect moment to join our Digital Detox! We will bring you into nature and remove all your digital devices from your life for a while inviting you to join unforgettable adventures. Unplugged from the digital world, your team will have meaningful and emotional experiences in the Baltic wilderness.


Winter fills forests with snow and covers lakes and rivers with ice. The land has turned into a white fairytale. Immerse in nature and culture by doing such acitivites as snowshoeing, fat-bike riding, dog sleding and others. In winter you will experience adventures on frozen woodland areas, muddy off-roads, iced and snowy hills, and snow covered swampy terrain. You will discover fascinating places and enjoy beautiful winter scenery.

Trakai Castle Kayak TourTrakai Castle Kayak Tour


In summer forest are green, the temperatures are warms and it is the perfect time to do activites like cycling, hiking and boating. The countryside is full of small rolling hills, and picturesque lakes. Do not forget about the seaside – it is something very special and also suitable for cycling. We will guide you away from the hustle and bustle of the city to our peaceful nature –  river valleys, white sand beaches, pine forests, and golden fields.

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