Best of Baltics in 10 days
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Best of Baltics in 10 days

  • 10 days / 9 nights
  • Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • Tallinn – Lahemaa National Park – Lake Peipus – Tartu – Cesis – Gauja National Park – Riga – Kemeri National Park – Jurmala – Rundale – Hill of Crosses – Kaunas – Kernave – Trakai – Vilnius



Welcome to the Baltics! Arrival in Tallinn. Check in to the hotel.

Overnight: Tallinn


Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, offers a thrilling blend of romantic medieval streets, breathtaking modern architecture, an alternative vibe, and a leisurely seaside atmosphere. Tallinn is most famous for its stunningly photogenic medieval Old Town, which is considered to be one of the best-preserved Hanseatic town centers in the world. Join the guided walking tour and stroll around the narrow cobblestone streets of the Old Town and let it cast a spell on you: noble merchants’ houses, gothic churches, curvy paths, medieval fortification walls, red tile roofs, and lovely yards will charm you. On the tour, you will see the most famous sights of the Old Town, such as Toompea Castle, Tallinn Town Hall, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and others. At the end of the tour, you will visit the Great Guild Hall, once a medieval guild for merchants, but now – home to the Estonian History Museum.

Later you will explore Lahemaa National Park, the oldest and largest national park in Estonia that offers a great diversity of landscape: vast wetlands, deep forests, picturesque fishermen’s villages, as well as sandy and rocky beaches. On the way to Lahemaa, you will stop by the impressive Jagala Waterfall, the widest natural waterfall in Estonia. The next stop will be Viru Bog where a wooden boardwalk will allow you to discover the beauty of the bog.

One of the most unique things to do in Lahemaa National Park is visiting old fishermen’s villages that are scattered along the coastline of the Baltic Sea. You will stop by Altja fishing village to discover the life of local fishermen, explore the rural architecture and fishing net sheds, and stroll along the beach.

Lahemaa National Park is also known for several beautiful manors. You will visit the most popular of them – Palmse Manor and Open-Air Museum, an impressive baroque mansion that provides a great overview of the Estonian manor lifestyle and offers wonderful parks, gardens, and historical buildings.

Overnight: Sagadi or Vihula


You will start your day by going to the Lake Peipus area. Lake Peipus, located on the border between Estonia and Russia, is known as the largest transboundary lake in Europe. Lake Peipus area historically has been a very diverse region where three different cultures used to live side by side: Estonian peasants, Russian Old Believers, and the Baltic Germans. You can still see lovely Old Believers’ villages with colorful wooden houses scattered along Lake Peipus, explore aristocratic manors and stories of noble people’s lives, as well as discover local farmers’ lifestyle.

One of the most beautiful manors in the area is Allatskivi Castle which looks just like out of a fairytale. You will make a short stop at the castle and then continue your way to Peipsimaa Museum where a very unique experience awaits you – the Old Believers’ Tea Ceremony. Afterward, you will see such one-street Old Believers’ villages as Kolkja, Kasepaa, and Varnja.

Later you will go to the oldest city in the Baltic States – the famous student town Tartu. Thanks to Tartu University, the city serves as the educational center for the whole region, and historically it has played a very important role in the cultural development and national awakening not only among Estonians but also among Latvians. Even today, many students from abroad come to Tartu, creating a vibrant and juvenile atmosphere in the city. Join the guided walking tour and explore the romantic Old Town: visit Tartu Town Hall Square and the famous Kissing Students Fountain, see the main building of Tartu University, St. John’s Church, and the impressive ruins of Tartu Cathedral.

Overnight: Tartu


This day will bring you across the border and to the Gauja National Park, the largest and oldest national park in Latvia. First, you will go to Cesis, a real medieval gemstone surrounded by picturesque nature. You will join the guided walking tour and explore this beautiful town: Rose Square, Princesses’ House, St. John’s Church, and other places in Cesis Old Town will create a wonderful atmosphere and allow you to travel back in time.

Afterward, you will visit Cesis Medieval Castle, the best-preserved medieval castle in Latvia. To make your visit more special, you will be given a lantern with a candle to illuminate the dark passages of the castle. You will also visit Cesis New Castle and have a wonderful panorama from its tower.

In the afternoon you will go to the nearby historical paper mill village Ligatne which still allows you to experience the 19th century vibe. Once, the Ligatne paper mill produced such high-quality paper that it was used for the most important documents of the Russian Empire. Today, Ligatne is a peaceful and calm village, perfect for nature and history lovers. Walk around the historical village, explore its sandstone caves, used as cellars for storing different food products, or stop by the local winery to try out some fruit wine.

Later you will go to Sigulda, one of the most popular places in the Gauja National Park. You will enjoy a fun and scenic ride in the Sigulda Cable Car. The cable car connects both sides of the Gauja River, offering picturesque views of the river valley, three castles, and the Sigulda Bobsleigh Track. The ride above the tree tops and the river is about one kilometer long. Afterward, you will stop by Gutman’s Cave – the biggest cave in the Baltics and the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia.

In the evening you will arrive in Riga.

Overnight: Riga


Founded in 1201 by German bishop Albert, Riga is the largest of the three Baltic capitals. Riga is famous for its sophisticated Art Nouveau architecture – about 40% of the city center consists of Art Nouveau buildings, more than in any other city in the world. Join the guided walking tour and explore the most famous Art Nouveau buildings on Alberta Street and Elizabetes Street. On the tour, you will also discover the jewels of the lovely Old Town: House of the Blackheads, City Hall Square, Riga Cathedral, St. Pether’s Church, Riga Castle, the oldest dwellings in the city – Three Brothers, and others.

The afternoon is reserved for the guided walking tour of Other Riga. This tour will bring you to a completely different scene of Riga and show around the so-called Moscow Suburbs. You will also have a chance to visit the Latvian Academy of Sciences, an impressive Stalin-era skyscraper that offers the best panorama of Riga.

Later you will dive into the rich and colorful aisles of the Riga Central Market, one of the largest covered markets in Europe. Riga Central Market was opened in 1930, and it consists of five former Zeppelin airship hangars. Riga Central Market is a perfect place for tasting local products, such as smoked meat and fish, pickled vegetables, rye bread, Latvian craft beer, various dairy products, and seasonal treats.

Overnight: Riga


In the morning you will go to Kemeri National Park and start exploring it by visiting the must-see sight in the park – the Great Kemeri Bog. The bog is a magical place with an inexplicable beauty at any time of the year. Follow the boardwalk and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the bog: vast landscapes, tiny pine trees, mysterious mist, dark lakes, and the dizzying smell of marsh Labrador tea.

After falling in love with the bog, you will visit Kemeri village, once a very famous sulfur water and mud resort. Go for a walk to discover the splendor of the former resort: Kemeri water tower, sulfur water spring Kirzacina, Love Island, and Kemeri Hotel.

Later you will go to Jurmala, a popular seaside resort famous for its wonderful wooden architecture from the 20th century, fancy lifestyle, and white-sand beach. Stroll along Joma Street, a very lively pedestrian street full of restaurants and cafes, walk around the town to see the most beautiful wooden villas with magnificent woodwork, or simply enjoy the beach and wait for the sunset.

Overnight: Jurmala


In the morning you will go to the magnificent Rundale Palace, the former summer residence of the Duke of Courland. Join the guided tour and get to know the most exciting secrets of the palace. The Rundale Palace surprises its visitors with impressive baroque architecture, wonderful interiors, breathtaking paintings on the ceilings, and wonderful gardens. The splendor of Rundale offers to experience the vibe of Versailles in the Baltics.

Later you will cross the border and continue your trip to the Hill of Crosses, one of the most sacred Christian pilgrimage sites in Lithuania. It is believed that people have been leaving crosses of different sizes on this hill since the 1830s. In some historical periods, this activity was perceived as a resistance against the regime, but generally, the Hill of Crosses serves as a place for hope. If you want to leave a cross on the hill, but you don’t have one, don’t worry – people often create symbolical crosses from whatever they can find around, little branches, grass, or tiny stones.

In the evening you will arrive in Kaunas.

Overnight: Kaunas


You will start your day by exploring Kaunas, the second-largest city in Lithuania. Kaunas is famous for its Interwar architecture, mostly Art Deco, and amazing pieces of street art, but it also has a lovely Old Town. Join the guided walking tour and see the most beautiful landmarks of Kaunas, such as the Town Hall Square, the 15th-century House of Perkunas, and the 14th-century Kaunas Castle, a gothic fortress built on the hill overlooking the confluence of the Neris River and the Nemunas River. During the tour, you will take the Aleksotas Funicular which has been operating since 1935. The funicular will bring you up to Aleksotas Hill, a wonderful viewing platform, offering the best panorama of Kaunas.

Later you will go to Kernave where the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania once stood. Today, the Kernave Archaeological Site is a great place for exploring Lithuanian history starting from the late Paleolithic Period to the Middle Ages. In Kernave, you will see the remains of five picturesque hillforts, a reconstructed 13th – 14th-century settlement, as well as interactive expositions at the Kernave Archaeological Site Museum.

In the late afternoon you will go to Trakai and visit Trakai Island Castle, one of the main tourist attractions in the country and the symbol of Lithuanian statehood. Being built on an island on Lake Galve, one of the deepest lakes in Lithuania, the red brick medieval castle looks just like out of a fairytale. Trakai Island Castle used to be a residence of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, and you will learn more about them by visiting the Trakai History Museum located in the castle.

In the evening you will arrive in Vilnius.

Overnight: Vilnius


Vilnius is a lively and vibrant Baltic capital that is especially famous for its sophisticated baroque architecture. The city offers a great contrast – the Old Town charms you with wonderful gothic, renaissance, baroque, and neoclassical architecture gems while other parts of the city are known for a buzzing alternative culture scene. Lithuania is very proud of its history as the Grand Duchy, and many cultural monuments in Vilnius still speak of those times, for example, Gediminas Tower, a very distinctive landmark of Vilnius that offers a wonderful panorama of the Old Town. Another important monument is Vilnius Cathedral, an impressive neoclassical building that once served as the coronation place of the Grand Dukes, but today is the main Catholic cathedral in Lithuania. Join the guided walking tour and discover the most beautiful places in Vilnius Old Town.

Around lunchtime, you will have a unique opportunity to join the Cepelinai Culinary Master Class. Cepelinai, potato dumplings filled with meat and onions, is the most popular traditional dish in Lithuania. You will make cepelinai with your own hands and dive deep into Lithuanian food culture.

The afternoon is reserved for your free time in Vilnius. To discover the alternative face of Vilnius, visit the self-declared artists’ republic Uzupis. It is a very charming bohemian district with its own “constitution”, “president”, “flag” and even “money”. Uzupis is full of art pieces on the streets and secret artists’ yards, and it offers many exciting discoveries that reveal themselves only to the most attentive observers. Go for a leisurely walk around the Uzupis, sit at a cafe, and enjoy the creative atmosphere of the artists’ republic.

Overnight: Vilnius


Departure day. Check out from the hotel. Transfer from the hotel to the airport.

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  • Walking tours in Tallinn, Tartu, Cesis, Riga, Kaunas, Vilnius
  • Lahemaa National Park sightseeing tour
  • Gauja National Park sightseeing tour
  • Kemeri National Park sightseeing tour
  • Old Believers’ Tea Ceremony
  • Cepelinai Culinary Master Class
  • Entrance tickets for Great Guild Hall, Palmse Manor, Cesis Castle Complex, Observation Platform of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Rundale Palace, Kernave Archaeological Site Museum, Trakai Island Castle
  • Tickets for Sigulda Cable Car, Aleksotas Funicular, Gediminas Hill Funicular
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I joined Valdis for Gauja national park tour and experience breathtaking views, beautiful cave, Plus the experience to see the inside of luge and skeleton track. It’s an unforgettable experience to see something outside the Riga! Highly recommended!!!
Carmen Daams
Carmen Daams
I took the Kuldiga trip with Valdis. The experience was amazing. The entire day was great. He is a great guide, and knows a lot of interesting information. He would definitely make your whole experience even better. Kuldiga is such a captivating city, very unique with a very special style and soul. If you are visiting Latvia, don't hesitate to take this trip, it is a "must".
Stanley Wallerstein
Stanley Wallerstein
Great Tour and great guide. Baltic Nature Travel is excellent.
Maria M Andrade
Maria M Andrade
Valdis organized an absolutely wonderful 10 day trip to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania trip for my sister, a friend, and myself. He arranged all details including our private chofer and tour guide up the last detail. He went far and beyond when he knew I had an accident in Estonia. We met him Latvia and he make us feel welcome. He recommended the most amazing restaurants for us and he took care of my doctor needs where he was the interpreter. In every country we had the best guys one can possibly ask for. All hotels were walking distance from city centre. Thank you Valdis we will always remembered this trip!!!!
Sarah Daniels
Sarah Daniels
Thank you, Valdis, for helping my family have a wonderful two week trip to the Baltics! Your advice and recommendations were very helpful, and our tour guides in 4 different cities were each outstanding! I highly recommend a vacation in the beautiful and fascinating Baltics, and I highly recommend using Valdis to help you plan it.
Rita Derencius
Rita Derencius
Tours and tour guides, Tomas and Mindaugas, exceeded my expectations. We were able to curate our tour of Lithuania. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and adapted the tour based on our input. Valdis was responsive and easy to work with. Extremely happy we chose to have private tour guides. Best trip ever!
Deniz Demirors
Deniz Demirors
Valdis did amazing job to organize us a 15 day, 14 night self drive adventure trip to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Thanks to his valuable advise before and immaculate documentation with names of the locations, guides etc we had a magical experience. We hiked, biked, walked, beached and off course drive all over in all 3 beautiful countries. We felt very safe. Everyone we met were very friendly. The car was delivered to our first hotel in Tallinn and picked up from last hotel in Vilnius. They were professional and kind people. We encountered few minor issues but Valdis resolved very promptly so our program was not impacted. We met him in Riga as he was our guide. Thanks to Valdis & his team of guides we had an unforgettable time and experience. Valdis is very gently, kind, hears his clients wishes and makes adjustments in his existing programs. Job well done Valdis. Thank you very much.
Catherine Herway
Catherine Herway
These are the only places on earth where eastern and western architecture can now meet in harmony. The architecture tells a social history translated into excellent English on this tour! The hotels were clean, comfortable, and safe. The food was outstanding as well, I only wish I had more time!
Artur Iwański
Artur Iwański
A very good and interesting guide. Customized trips - which is very useful. If you want to get to know Latvia (which is worth it!) there is no one better. Highly recommended.

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