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  • Approx. 8 -10 hours
  • AMATA, Latvia
  • All year round
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The Amata is one of Latvia’s swiftest rivers. The river flows into a deep valley that is attractive for its impressive sandstone and dolomite cliffs along the surface of the river. It is also possible to include the nature trails in Līgatne, which are famous for their spacious outdoor pens, linked to “Hobbit-style” houses.

Hike area is full of fast rivers and wild forests, during last few years the places became more accessible and we would like to invite everyone to feel the Latvian nature there. During the hike, we will see the famous Zvārtes rock, which is famous for the many mythical stories associated with it. A long time ago it was a gathering place for witches who would dance and rejoice around it until the crack of dawn. The hike is 13-15 km. After a good time of walking and enjoying the peacefulness of what nature can give us, we will enjoy a warm meal- on fire-cooked soup.

After the meal, it is possible to make a stop in ‘’Līgatne’’ which is famous for its interesting geographical location and history. We can include a visit to “Anfabrika” rocks and cellars, they are 17 m high, beautiful reddish cliffs. There are several rectangular holes in the foot – these were cellars which were abandoned long time ago. It is worth to see if you are in this area!


  • Amata River
  • Zvārtes rock
  • Warm meal- on fire cooked
  • Līgatne “Anfabrika” rocks and cellars

Please let us know about your dietary preferences and dress according to the weather conditions, wear appropriate footwear (sandals or hiking shoes depending on weather conditions would be ideal).

Private tour price
  • 1 pax – €340,00
  • 2 pax – €360,00
  • 3 pax – €380.00
  • 4 pax – €400,00
  • 5 pax – €415,00
  • 6 pax – €430,00
  • 7 pax – €445,00
  • 8 pax – €460,00
  • English speaking guide
  • Food for the picnic and hot tea
  • Transportation
Suggested for comfort
  • water & snacks for personal usage
  • comfortable boots & rain jacket
  • extra socks
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