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  • Approx. 6 hours
  • CARNIKAVA, Lithuania
  • All year round
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Pine forest and a sea breeze are characteristic elements of Latvian coastal nature. On our hike we will pass unique Long lakes (“Garezeri”) created by receding ice age. The Garezeri Lakes and their surroundings are a unique natural area with high ecological and geological significance and it is part of natural park ‘’Piejūra’’, which was made to protect rare coastal habitats. In this area, one can see rare species of plants, birds, and even bats. The route takes us over aged dunes covered in pine forests, marshes and red bilberries. If the weather is nice and not too windy we will also walk next to sea (~ 1,5 km) and feel the breeze, touch the sand and experience the magical and somehow liberating moment of ‘’watching the horizon’’.

This route also includes the mouth of Gauja. Gauja is the longest river in Latvia and is the only one of the big rivers in Latvia, whose mouth is not industrialized. This is the place where we will have a picnic pause. We will feed our bodies with tasty soup and feed our wondering minds with good local folk story.

After the tasty lunch pause we will continue our walk towards end of the route, passing a small village with street names of chemical compounds and famous scientists. Together we will walk around 10 km. After the hike we also suggest visiting Lamprey Museum. Carnikava is a city known for its traditions of catching and cooking a lamprey. Even its coat of arms has one on it. It is also possible to visit a local craftsman who’ll introduce us to the fine arts of catching and cooking this fish- this is traditional and famous meal in Latvia. If you choose to experience these ‘’extras’’ let us know, we can arrange that.


  • Latvian coastal nature
  • Long Lakes
  • Mouth of River Gauja
  • Food made on the fire in the open nature

Please let us know about your dietary preferences and dress according to the weather conditions, wear appropriate footwear (sandals or hiking shoes depending on weather conditions would be ideal).

Private tour price
  • 1 pax – €340,00
  • 2 pax – €360,00
  • 3 pax – €380.00
  • 4 pax – €400,00
  • 5 pax – €415,00
  • 6 pax – €430,00
  • 7 pax – €445,00
  • 8 pax – €460,00
  • Local guide & storyteller
  • Soup and hot tea during picnic pause
Suggested for comfort
  • water & snacks for personal usage
  • comfortable boots & rain jacket
  • extra socks
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