Bog mystery and old train tracks
Hiking tour from Riga
  • 4 - 5 h
  • ~12 km
  • Mārupe - Medema bog - Mārupe


Join our hiking tour from Riga! This hike brings you to the Medema bog, a very exciting and beautiful place to discover. The bog is located in the outskirts of Riga, but does not feel like a part of the city anymore, allowing you to enjoy remoteness, tranquility and nature. All the houses and people stay behind, and you embark on a journey through the forest and bog. Once, the Medema bog was used for peat extraction, but now only old train tracks remind of these times. The hike offers serene views of the bog and a lovely adventure of crossing it by following the former train tracks and jumping across a few drainage canals. The real highlight of the hike is a picturesque lake in the middle of the bog that looks like it is from a fairytale! 

What is waiting for you on this hike? Wandering around nature in less than a 30 minute ride from Riga center. Beautiful scenery of the Medema bog. Remote and peaceful atmosphere. Wonderful bog flora. Jumping over drainage canals and bushwalking. And… a lot of fresh air!


  • The Medema bog
  • Bog lake
  • Former train tracks
  • Outskirts of Riga

The driver will arrive at the arranged time and location. The contacts of the driver will be provided at least a day before the tour starts.


Participants must present a valid EU Covid-19 certificate as a proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19.   

Safety measures during the tour:

  • Please keep a distance of 2 metres;
  • Wear a face mask when you are not able to keep a safe distance;
  • Disinfect or wash your hands before and after touching any surfaces in public places!

You are not allowed to participate in the event if you need to quarantine or if you have any symptoms of fever or respiratory diseases.

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Private tour price

1 – 2 person group  – €180

3 – 4 person group– €280

5 – 6 person group – €380

7 – 8 person group – €480

  • Route planning;
  • English speaking guide;
  • Transportation;
  • Taxes.
Not included
  • Food and drinks.
Level of dificulty

A quite easy hike, mostly on a flat surface following small footpaths through the forest and bog, as well as a bit of bushwalking. In some places you have to jump over drainage canals.

What to bring with you
  • 2 l of water per person as a minimum 
  • Snacks and lunch for breaks and picnic
How to dress

Please, dress accordingly to the weather forecast! Due to very changeable weather, layering is key to enjoying the hike, and rain protection is a must-have. Comfortable hiking shoes are the best option as a little bit of bushwhacking is waiting for you on this hike, but also any comfortable shoes work just as good.

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What travelers say about us

Barry Toward
Barry Toward
We have just spent 9 days travelling through the Baltic countries with Valdis as our guide. Although the itinerary and accommodation had been pre-arranged Valdis supported our trip brilliantly, bringing to life the individual countries with city walking tours, nature trails and visits to other sites. He is great fun, extremely knowledgable and became an integral part of our small group. His contribution to our holiday played a key part in making it a great and enjoyable experience (and he recommends good places to eat!)
Sam Paliwal
Sam Paliwal
If you are looking to go to the Baltic's on an active vacation, make sure to check out Baltic Nature Travel as your travel advisor. We recently finished a 10-day self-driving tour of the Baltic's and wanted to have an active trip whilst not missing out on all the cultural highlights of the region. Valdis, the owner of Baltic Nature Travel was very responsive and organized a trip that included kayaking, long distance bicycle riding, hiking in different forests, cooking activities, cultural highlights, hot-air balloon riding, etc-- all in a matter of 10 days and customized the trip to our liking. We were very satisfied with his responsiveness to our needs and his ability to stay ahead and plan various activities appropriately. Just to give you one example of Valdis's ability to think ahead: in one of the hotels, they have very limited parking. On his own initiative, Valdis made a to call to the hotel and reserved a parking spot for us for the one night that we were going to stay at that hotel. It helped out a lot, as we had to leave very early in the morning. There are other numerous examples where he was available to answer questions and help us as necessary, both before and during the trip. He is an excellent guide, calm and collected and his team of guides around the region were quite knowledgeable and fluent. The accommodation for the trip were quite good and and they can be easily adjusted based on your budget. I highly recommend his touring company for your Baltic travel experience and would like to add that as a person he's very likable and easy-going.
Lajos Nagy
Lajos Nagy
A perfect series of daily hiking tours and town walkarounds. I especially was amused by the jungle-like forests and friendly conversations along the way. Everything was perfectly planned and organized, I definitely recommend, worth thousand-times more than simply visiting cities in a rush.
Tom Demandt
Tom Demandt
We had an excellent day hike with our guide Valdis. He was very friendly, very service minded and knowledgeable. The hike through Gauja National Park was really beautiful. Heartily recommend for anyone looking for an active day trip outside Riga.
Sergey Zhuravlev
Sergey Zhuravlev
I enjoyed the hiking tour in the Beberbeķi-Skulte regions of Riga. The route was mainly through the forest, so this is a great opportunity to get away from the city bustle and daily routine and to spend a few hours in nature. The tour guide Valdis is very friendly and he has a lot to tell about the area. I am looking forward to the next tour and recommend joining it.
Sa Si
Sa Si
I had a wonderful hiking tour trough Kemeri National Park with Baltic Nature Travel. Valdis is a very well informed and nice guide! I would totally recommend a tour with him!
Really nice activities and tours by Valdis. Highly recommended. Definetely I will repeat soon.
Eimear Friel
Eimear Friel
Thoroughly enjoyed my hike with Valdis and Solveiga. It was exactly what I hoped for. Perfect for someone looking to explore more of Latvia but nto sure where to go!
Fiona Koe
Fiona Koe
Awesome hike, beautiful scenery. Valdis was very friendly and knowledgeable. Will recommend

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