How to find the best hiking route in the Baltics

Text by Valdis Čeičs,  photos by Solveiga Kaļva,

Hiking routes in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are unknown to many hikers from Europe and overseas. In this article, I explain how to find the best hiking paths in the Baltics.

What do you need to know before planning a hike in the Baltics?

The best about hiking in the Baltics – it is quite easy and doesn’t require almost any extra physical preparation beforehand. The average elevation is 86 m above sea-level, which means no ascending routes of an extensive length, but you might experience a lot of small uphills and downhills, depending on the route you choose.

The most challenging part is maneuvering through the dense forests and avoiding making your feet wet on the marshlands. 60% of the whole territory of the Baltic States is covered by forests, but more than 20% – by swamps.

 Find the best hiking route along the water

The population density in the Baltics is one of the lowest in Europe – 36 people per km2, but all three countries offer a rich variety of cultural sites that can be easily combined with hiking in the wilderness. Most of the cities, towns, and villages in the Baltics are built next to a river, lake or the sea. A great way how to start planning your hiking route is finding a body of water you would like to visit and connecting it with the nearest town. Many national parks offer large territories of beautiful nature, marked hiking trails, rivers, lakes, and cultural monuments.

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