Kuldīga: a Perfect Place for Romantics

Text by Valdis Čeičs and Solveiga Kaļva

Photos by Solveiga Kaļva, www.solveigakalvaphotography.com

Kuldīga is one of the most romantic towns in Latvia with wonderful cobblestone streets, lovely houses and red-tile roofs. As the Alekšupīte River circles around the old town, many travelers compare Kuldīga to Venice. Kuldīga is a perfect place for going for an inspiring walk, jumping on a “Vespa” scooter to enjoy the wind and the road, or simply having a romantic picnic in a park or on a riverbank. 

The town is famous not only for the magnificent architecture and atmosphere, but also for the widest waterfall in Europe – Ventas Rumba. The most beautiful view of it you can find standing on the red-brick bridge which stretches across the Venta River. The bridge and the whole old town with 18th century architecture are candidates for inclusion in the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage. 

Highlights (culture):

Highlights (nature):

You should enjoy Kuldīga slowly, only then the town reveals its true spirit! Numerous restaurants and coffee shops are waiting for you just around the corner. Coffee was introduced in the region already in the 17th century by Jacob, Duke of Courland. The local coffee roastery “Curonia” follows the old traditions and offers a really good cup of coffee, roasted right in Kuldīga. Restaurant ”Goldingen Room” is known for high quality European cuisine, artisan pizza and wonderful interior. If you want to enjoy your meal sitting on the outdoor terrace with a stunning view of the waterfall, you may choose the cafe ”Rezidence Kafe Venta”. Many modern art lovers seek inspiration at Kuldīga Artists’ Residence. A wide range of local and foreign art exhibitions are exhibited at Kuldīga’s Art House. If you are interested in sculptures, you should visit the Castle Park. During summer, every Friday and Saturday evening visitors can enjoy an open air cinema “Goldingen Knight Cinema” located in the park, just bring your own blanket or find a free seat.