Night Trip in Soomaa National Park
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Night Trip in Soomaa National Park

  • Approx. 4 hours
  • SOOMAA, Estonia
  • April – October
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Night Safaris are the white nights exotic. Things in the dark seem different, all can not be seen or heard,  only some parts can be easily imagined. Night trips are lead by experienced local guides. Guided programme lasts ca 4 hours and includes canoeing and walking in the riverside forest. A peaceful canoe trip leads along the river with beaver habitat. There is a high chance to view beavers and other wildlife.


  • Canoeing and walking in the wetlands
  • Paddle along the beaver habitat
  • Night wild life safari

Please dress accordingly to the weather conditions, where appropriate footwear (sandals or hiking shoes depending on weather conditions would be ideal).

Private tour price
  • 80 EUR / per person (minimum 2 pax)
  • Equipment – canadian style canoe
  • English shpeaking guide
Suggested for comfort
  • water & snacks for personal usage
  • comfortable boots & rain jacket
  • extra socks
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