Hike South Kurzeme

Hike South Kurzeme

  • 14 days / 13 nights
  • ~270 km
  • Kludīga - Abava valley - Ķemeri National Park



Arrival in Riga airport. Optional transfer from the airport. Check in the hotel.

Hiking distance: 0 km

Overnight: hotel in Riga

Meals included: Breakfast


Transfer from Riga to Gramzda and start your journey. From Gramzda Forest trail winds along small paths along sand and gravel quarries, and along a straight path through the agricultural landscape moves northeast. At the Lower Bunči house it turns to Mazgramzda. Before Mazgramzda, the trail crosses the deep and shady Ruņupe valley. Behind Mazgramzda, it runs along the Gramzda – Priekule road, from which beautiful landscapes of the Vārtāja undulating plain of the Western Kurzeme Highlands open up. After crossing this road, it runs along the former airfield, crosses the Priekule – Purmsāti – Kalēju road and throws a circle through a small cluster of forest. Along the banks of the winding Virga River, the trail leads through the forest park “Priekules Priediens”, from which the destination of this section can be seen.

Hiking distance: 18 km

Overnight: guest house in Priekule

Meals included: Breakfast

Meals options: Dinner in Village restaurant or in the guest house (pay on the spot)


The forest trail along Ķieģeļu, Galveno and Parka streets bends through Priekule, throws circles along small park paths near Dobeļupe and further moves to Audari, where it crosses the Grobiņa – Embūte road. After 4 km, it turns right and in the next section, up to the Riga-Liepāja highway, leads along a sparsely populated area, where agricultural lands alternate with forest clusters and small wetlands. The area between Lake Sepene and Kalveni is distinctly hilly – here the Embūte hilly area alternates with the Bandava hilly area. The highest point reached by Mežtaka is 115 m above sea level. Crossing the Riga-Liepaja highway, after 1 km the trail reaches the destination of this section in Kalvene.

Hiking distance: 29 km

Overnight: guest house in Kalvene

Meals included: Breakfast

Meals options: Dinner in the guest house (pay on the spot)


The forest trail winds along the small streets of Kalvene to the Aizpute – Kalvene road, 1.4 km leads along its edge and then turns right. Then the trail crosses the Jelgava – Liepāja railway and then turns to a small country road all the way to Boju village. There are many former fish ponds in the area. The open landscape is revived on a farmstead, where you can sometimes buy locally grown and prepared food. Behind the Kazdanga-Mazboju road the trail crosses the Grantnieki quarry. In the section from Kalvene to Boja, the trail leads along the Bandava hills of the Rietumkursa upland, where the highest relief points slightly exceed 100 m above sea level. Behind the Buoys, the trail crosses the Laža River and at the Tabers comes out again on the Aizpute – Kalvene road, along which it leads to Aizpute. 

Hiking distance: 17 km

Overnight: guest house in Aizpute

Meals included: Breakfast

Meals options: Dinner in Village restaurant or in the guest house (pay on the spot)


The forest trail along Atmodas and Jelgavas streets winds through Aizpute, after the Laža reservoir turns right and approaches the Kazdanga manor park with a large circle from the south. It follows small paths and along Dzirnavu Lake through the manor park, around the manor and Zēnu pond, 0.7 km continues along the Kazdanga – Cildu road and then turns right onto the Snēpele – Kazdanga road. To the country house “Zemturi” the trail gradually rises in the Bandava hills of the Western Kurzeme highlands, revealing beautiful views in both directions. The height of the relief here reaches a maximum of about 81 m above sea level. About 12 km from “Zemturai” the trail leads through a sparsely populated forest massif and only in the last 3 km comes out again in an open area with agricultural lands and farmsteads, reaching Snēpele.

Hiking distance: 34 km

Overnight: homestay in Snēpele

Meals included: Breakfast

Meals options: No dining options in Snēpele


Along the main street of Snēpeles the trail takes the road and after 0.3 km opposite Lake Ķepšu turns right onto a small country road. Along this road, the trail bends to Slipiņciems, before crossing Sprincupi along the dam, where a pond has been created. Then the trail goes in the direction of Pelči. In the vicinity of Pelči, the trail bends along Dambu ​​ponds, leads to the Kuldīga – Pelči road and further stretches through the Kuldīga garden areas – Kurzemīte and Rumba, until it reaches the Venta bank and the Kuldīga bypass. From there, to the Old Brick Bridge, the 2.4 km long Mežtaka leads along a beautiful Venta coastal path, where there are wooden bridges and footbridges in wetter places and across streams.

Hiking distance: 21 km

Overnight: hotel in Kuldiga

Meals included: None

Meals options: dining options in Kuldiga


Behind the Old Brick Bridge over the Venta, Forest trail briefly continues along the right bank of the Venta, carved along the ravines, along Krasta Street and the Vetklīnika – Paleja road, crosses the Kalnmuiža forest, Riežupe and further to Mazrenda continues along the roads of the vast Renda forest massif. The relief here is flat, as the section is part of the Pieventa plain of the Kursa lowland. In Mazrend, the trail crosses a sand-gravel quarry and takes you to the center of Renda along Kuldīgas Street. The section belongs to the territory of the nature reserve “Ventas ieleja” and nature park “Riežupe”.

Hiking distance: 32 km

Overnight: guest house in Renda

Meals included: Breakfast

Meals options: dining options in Renda


The forest trail in Renda bends a short piece along the rocky banks of the Ivande River and then leads to Kroju Road. At first you can see open landscapes, but later the trail continues through the forest. In some places there are views of the ancient Abava valley. The natural landscapes are gradually changing, as the trail leaves the Pieventa plain of the Kursa lowland and rises gently along the Vāne descent of the East Kurzeme highland, reaching 50–60 m above sea level. Before the village of Valgale, it forms a circle around the deep ravine of the Valgale River and goes up to Sabile along the upper bank of the Abava ancient valley, only descending at Sabile to the Abava bridge. In the vicinity of Sabile, the natural areas are changing again and the landscapes of the Saldus hills of the East Kurzeme highlands can be seen here. The depth of the ancient Abava valley between Rumbciems and Sabile reaches about 40 m. The forest trail crosses the nature park “Abava Ancient Valley” this and the next day.

Hiking distance: 25 km

Overnight: guest house in Sabile

Meals included: Breakfast

Meals options: dining options in Sabile


The forest trail continues along the left bank of the Abava – Kr. Barona Street. Further, like a small path, it crosses the meadows and forest clusters of the ancient Abava valley until it reaches a hill called the Swedish hat. Behind the Swedish hat, the trail goes along a small country road to the Raft – Owl road, crosses Amula and at Kalnmuiža winds up in the ancient valley of Abava, along which the next 6 km leads to Aizdzire manor park. Another 1 km to the north, and the trail crosses the Abava ancient valley in its full width, revealing some of the most beautiful views of the ancient valley. The depth of the ancient Abava valley in this place is about 40 m. Behind the Fishermen’s Bridge, the trail rises on the northern slope of an ancient valley, where vineyards have been established. Winding through the forest, it crosses the Kandava – Renda road and further along Sabiles Street reaches Kandava. Along the streets of this scenic small town, Lauku, Ozola, Zīļu, Sabiles and Pils, Mežtaka reaches the Knights’ Castle Mound. Throughout the section, the trail winds through the nature park “Abavas senleja”.

Hiking distance: 21 km

Overnight: guest house in Kandava

Meals included: Breakfast

Meals options: dining options in Kandava


Along Jelgavas Street, crossing the old boulder bridge over Abava, the Forest trail leads to the 5 km distant village of Daigones, after which it descends along the Dziļkalns – Pūre road in the ancient valley of Abava. Behind the bridge over the Abava, the trail turns right and reaches Pūre on a small path. After settling in the circle of Pūre manor, it stretches for the next 5 km to Galciems along Zemeņu Street and Pūre – Jaunsāti road. Sand and gravel are mined here in the quarries of the area. In Galciems, the trail turns left onto a small gravel road, which after 3.5 km connects with Jaunmoku – Jaunsāti road. After another 3 km, the trail crosses the Riga-Ventspils highway and reaches Jaunmoku Castle along small paths surrounded by tree alleys. Approaching the castle from the side of Jaunsāti, beautiful, wide landscapes can be seen around, where the wavy plain of the East Kuressaare Wing alternates with the Vanema hills.

Hiking distance: 24 km

Overnight: guest house in Jaunmokas

Meals included: Breakfast

Meals options: dining option in the guest house (pay on the spot)


In the vicinity of Jaunmoku Castle, the beautiful landscapes of the Vanema hills of the East Kurzeme highlands delight. The forest trail slopes down to the Bēru watermill and further up to Vecmokai for three kilometers and rises by about 50 m, revealing beautiful landscapes to the wide Slocene valley in the south. Behind the alley of Vecmoku manor, the trail crosses the Tukums – Lazdas road, makes a circle for a cluster of farmsteads and goes southeast along Lake Sekļa along a straight forest path. The lake can be accessed by small paths. In the vicinity of Sveikuļi, the route continues along beautiful forest trails and comes to the Tukums – Ķesterciems – Kolka road near the Ozoliņi cemetery, where the city of Tukums begins.

Hiking distance: 14 km

Overnight: guest house in Tukums

Meals included: Breakfast

Meals options: dining options in Tukums


Along Melnezera Street, the Forest trail leaves Tukums. Up to Milzkalne it winds through beautiful forests, except for a short section along Jaunūdru road. The forest trail throws bows up and down along the backs of the steep hills of the Raudas massif. One of the highest points is Milzkalns, 113 m above sea level. Crossing the Tukums – Milzkalne – Smārde road, the trail leads through the Šlokenbeka manor, crosses the Slocene river, forms a circle in Bērzāji and further along the left bank of the Slocene curves through the beautiful forests to the Kārniņi cemetery on the Tukums – Milzkalne – Smārde road. From here, Lake Valgums, which offers accommodation, is about 2.5 km away. Kemeri National Park (ĶNP) starts behind Bērzāji.

Hiking distance: 14 km

Overnight: guest house in Jāņukrogs

Meals included: Breakfast

Meals options: dining option in the guest house (pre order)


After crossing the area with some homesteads, the Forest trail winds through beautiful coniferous forests and further 6.5 km along Čaukciems until the turn to the Green Dune leads along the side of the Antiņciems – Smārde road. The neighborhood is flat, as the section is part of the Engure plain of the coastal lowlands. The Green Dune offers wide views of the Green and Witch Bogs. A small forest road bends along the lower part of the dune and in two places crosses the bog along wooden footbridges. In Ķemeri the trail runs along Vērsupīte, into which sulfur spring waters flow. Crossing. Further the trail crosses the Vērsupīte marshes, which are one of the most outstanding wet forest habitats in the whole part of the trail in Kurzeme. At Melnezers it turns onto the Old Ķemeri Road and after 2 km it reaches Bigauņciems. Behind the Talsi highway Mežtaka reaches the shore of the Gulf of Riga and connects with the Coastal Hiking Trail. The forest trail runs through the Ķemeri National Park (ĶNP) along the entire section. Transfer from Bigauņciems to Riga.

Hiking distance: 28 km

Overnight: hotel in Riga

Meals included: Breakfast


Optional transfer to Riga airport.

Meals included: Breakfast

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From May to October

Price per person

2 persons traveling – 795.00 EUR p.p.

3 persons traveling – 795.00 EUR p.p.

4 persons traveling – 755.00 EUR p.p.

5 persons traveling – 755.00 EUR p.p.

6 persons and more traveling – 705.00 EUR p.p.

  • 2 overnights in Riga and 1 overnight in Kuldīga at 3 star in centrally located hotels with buffet breakfast;
  • 10 overnights in a guest house with breakfast per program;
  • 1 overnight in a homestay in Snēpele;
  • Transfer to the beginning of the trail in Gramzda;
  • Transfer from Bigauņciems to Riga;
  • GPX file of the Forest Trail;
  • The details and contacts of the pre booked accommodations.
Not included
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Water
  • Any hiking gear
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel – 55 EUR (1 – 3 persons);
  • Transfer from the hotel to the airport – 55 EUR (1 – 3 persons);
  • 12 x Luggage service to the next accommodation  – 1760 EUR (1 – 6 persons).
What to bring with you
  • Every day at least 2 l water per person as a minimum
  • Snacks and lunch for breaks and picnic
How to dress

Please, dress accordingly to the weather forecast! Due to very changeable weather, layering is key to enjoying the hike, and rain protection is a must-have. Any comfortable shoes or sandals are good enough for this hike.

Level of dificulty

Long distance hike that requires endurance for walking hours and hours at steady pace. On the trail are a few steep climbs. Most of the walking time will be on small footpaths through the woods and countryside roads.

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Giovanni Paolo Palamara
Giovanni Paolo Palamara
Very interesting trip. Definitely worth it!
Eddie Mantle
Eddie Mantle
Very professional. Valdis, guided a group of 8 around Mangasala, Riga, giving us a fascinating insight into the military history there. Looking forward to the next tour.
Zijian Hua
Zijian Hua
Valdis is an experienced guide, a local from Riga. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always able to tell you interesting history along the way. The route plan of the hiking is also reasonable. In autumn, the fallen leaves near Sigulda are also very beautiful. If you are planning to do an outdoor hike in Latvia too, then don't hesitate to join a walking group organized by Valdis.
I took the tour in Lilaste. The train ride was very relaxing. The lakes and coast were amazing. It is great exercise and a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
John B
John B
Great hike at Lilaste. Friendly tour guide. Definitely looking forward to the next hike. Highly recommended for those who want a short break from the daily routine.
Rachel Pamplin
Rachel Pamplin
I enjoyed I enjoyed my tour of Cesis: Medieval Heritage and Natural Treasures! I loved being able to do a little of many things. Exploring the old city, touring a medieval castle, and a walk through a national park. The scenery was amazing and my guide was knowledgeable and helpful! As a single female, I felt safe the entire time and and would recommend to others!
Colleen Bramanis
Colleen Bramanis
We have enjoyed 2 days with Valdis who has shown us around Riga Old Town and a tour out to Sigulda. A very friendly tour guide who tailored the days to our needs with no fuss. Valdis is easy to get along , has a good sense of humour and is extremely knowledgeable. Fortunately for us Valdis is also very fluent in English. I can highly recommend him as a tour guide.
Barry Toward
Barry Toward
We have just spent 9 days travelling through the Baltic countries with Valdis as our guide. Although the itinerary and accommodation had been pre-arranged Valdis supported our trip brilliantly, bringing to life the individual countries with city walking tours, nature trails and visits to other sites. He is great fun, extremely knowledgable and became an integral part of our small group. His contribution to our holiday played a key part in making it a great and enjoyable experience (and he recommends good places to eat!)

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