Wilderness Day Trip in Soomaa National Park
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Wilderness Day Trip in Soomaa National Park

  • Approx. 6 hours
  • SOOMAA, Estonia
  • April – October
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Guided wilderness experience day-trip combines bog shoeing* (or bog walking on wooden path) and canoeing. First we walk through Riisa village and the forest and reach the largest peat-bog in Estonia – Kuresoo. These footwear allow us access to the places where it is hard or even impossible to reach by foot.  We will wear bogshoes and walk on the wild landscape, followed by wilderness lunch.

The trip ends with a relaxing canoe trip along Soomaa meandering rivers. Paddling in 2- or 3-seat plastic canoes of canadian style.It is a relaxing, fun, and easy tour.


  • Largest peat-bog in Estonia
  • Bogshoeing in the wetlands
  • Canoing in the bog river
  • Lunch in the wilderness

Please dress accordingly to the weather conditions, where appropriate footwear (sandals or hiking shoes depending on weather conditions would be ideal).

From 23th of April to 24th of June we are not using bog shoes & we walk to the bog on wooden path or walk on the edge of bog (with rubber boots if nessesary) & we don’t enter deeper into bog because of nesting birds!

Private tour price
  • 95 EUR  per person ( minumum group 2 pax)
  • Equipment – bogshoes and canadian style canoe
  •  English speakig guide
  • Meal in wilderness
  • Transport
Suggested for comfort
  • water & snacks for personal usage
  • comfortable boots & rain jacket
  • extra socks
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